Gaining My Perfect Family

Gaining my Perfect Family through Adoption

By Sarah Baker | May 09, 2013 | 04:25 PM

Today, I have two amazing sons. Isaac is 11 and Ezra is 4 months. The only difference, other than their age, is one is biological and one is adopted. I recently heard someone say they have four children; two are adopted, but they forget which two. I can relate to that. Ezra is indeed MINE. I see him no different than the child I gave birth to 11 years ago. After so many years of trying for a second child, I see him like a little miracle, but I don’t look at him and think he’s any less my child because I didn’t conceive and carry him.

Our adoption journey started 5+ years ago. Before we even began trying for a second child, we talked about adoption as an option since I had a very difficult pregnancy and dangerous delivery with Isaac. We decided to start trying to conceive anyhow. Each month I excitedly waited to see if I would be pregnant. The pharmacy must have loved seeing me coming to buy out their department of pregnancy tests and ovulation trackers on a regular basis. After a few years of trying we had doctors run tests and found out we were both near infertile and it would be a slim chance for us to ever conceive. Even IVF was ruled out. We turned back to adoption.

After much research on adoption agencies, cost, waiting time, infant verses child, etc. we were overwhelmed and put it on the back burner, but it never left our mind… so we started saving and bought a larger home so we would find motivation to expand our family. Eventually growing our family became an obsession and seeing pregnant women and babies caused us depression. We knew adoption was what we needed for our family to grow. We took the plunge in early 2012 and signed up with an Ohio agency out of Yellow Springs.

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