Getting Started with Adoption

Getting Started with Adoption

By Sarah Baker | May 10, 2013 | 10:33 AM

Learning about adoption was overwhelming. We contacted at least half a dozen agencies and read countless articles online trying to figure out where to start and what to expect. We were not only in distress about how long we had been trying for a baby, but then we learned that we could have anywhere from 6 months to several years on the waiting list for an adopted baby as well. Factor in the enormous price tag associated with agency adoption and we were dazed. Add that as we begun to verbalize we were considering adoption to others; we got all kinds of input. Some of it was amazing and helpful. Others only shared horror stories of adoptions gone wrong or questions of why we weren’t doing IVF like their friend, sister, cousin, neighbor did. We had to take some time and process this. Was it really what we wanted? Were we ready to have our lives changed? Having an older son already, were we really prepared to start over or did we just need something to help us with acceptance of our fantasy of being parents of two kids never happening?

Fast forward several months of just setting all the agencies paperwork aside and living life… we hopped back on the train to adoption and settled down and found the right agency for us. The agency we picked was a small agency located in Ohio that only dealt with Ohio birth mothers and Ohio adoptive families. Their cost was much lower than the national agencies and they had high placement rates with a wait time that averaged 18 months. They were very upfront about their outlooks and what we could expect. They made us feel like we COULD do this and we WOULD be parents again. Next up was learning what we needed to do to move forward. We needed to take 40 hours of adoption classes and schedule the dreaded home study.

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