Selling Yourself

Selling Yourself

Sarah Baker | May 15, 2013 | 12:06 PM

How do you sell or market yourself to expecting mothers? These women come to an agency, lawyer, online forum, friend, church, wherever, considering adoption. They sometimes know exactly what they are looking for and other times don’t know until they find it. So how do you make your family appeal to them? That’s easy… you consider their feelings, remain humble and be yourself! A big mistake would be to inflate the truth or embellish yourself into someone you are not. The goal is to have a good match and a lifelong relationship. People already like you just as you are, so will an expecting mother.

First you may want to start with an introductory letter to the execting parent(s). Thank them for considering you. Put yourself in their shoes and how they must feel, but don’t assume too much. Every birth mother makes this decision for a different reason. Then tell them why you want to be parents. Tell them why you think you’ll make good parents. What are your values, believes, hobbies, etc. Keep it simple and heart felt. Give them a reason to ask to know more about you.

The time to really show off who you are and what kind of parents you’ll be is in the bio book. Each agency probably has different guidelines on how to complete this stage. Some may not even do full books. Since I am a photographer and a marketing manager, I felt this would be the most fun and self-educating task of the process. Let the book tell your story. Whether you are into scrapbooking or a digital technology junkie like me, you can make the book feature who you are. Through pictures, stories, tid bits and more, you can let someone take a sneak peek into your life.

Still unsure where to get started? Ask your agency for references of former waiting families. Or go online and do a search for samples. If you lack the creative gene completely, there are even people out there you can hire to help you with this. I enjoyed making ours so much, that I have considered offering it as something I can do for people. You may surprise yourself and really have fun putting it together!

Don’t let the fear of this assignment stop you from having the family of your dreams.

Our bio book if you want an example:

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