Breast-Feeding vs. Formula –

GreatDebateDo you feel society is judging you for formula feeding your adopted child?  You are not alone.  The mommy wars are in full swing when it comes to how parents feed their children.  When adoption is how your family is formed, outsiders may not know or understand the circumstances and  may be judging you for that bottle.  Know that you have the right to stand firm and feel good about the nutrition you are providing!
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Guide to Avoiding Adoption Scams –

imagesLuckily adoption scams are rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. With the Internet, it seems that adoption scams are easier to pull off, making them more and more common. While you shouldn’t let the fear of a scam stop you from proceeding in your adoption journey, you should be aware of, and on the lookout for, a few key indicators.

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