SarahHi! I’m Sarah, mom of two beautiful boys, Isaac and Ezra. I am married to the most amazing man, Joe.

I am an adoption advocate, an adoptive mom, a biological mom, Staff Writer for adoption.com, and was featured on season 2 of Oxygen’s, “I’m Having Their Baby” which tells the story of our first failed adoption match.

In this series, I will focus on the trials and tribulations of adoption as well as all the amazing experiences we’ve had in the process. I had a million questions and never knew how to find the answers, so it was all live and learn.

I hope to share my experience with you, whether you are considering adoption for yourself or you know someone who is.  I am not an expert, just an adoptive mom that has learned a lot and can share it with you. I want to make the once taboo subject something people aren’t afraid to talk about. Adoption can be a roller coaster of fun and fear, come along for the ride on ours.

This blog is also syndicated at Cincinnati Parent Magazine and Indy’s Child Magazine.

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    • HI Lynn,
      While I don’t have personal experience with Foster care or public adoption, I do volunteer work with a few of the local counties to me, photographing the children that are available for adoption. I also reach out to fellow bloggers occasionally to post their foster care and public adoption stories so I can have that aspect on my site as well. There have been a few posts on the topic in the past, but not a lot. Thanks for the message! – Sarah


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