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vivo logoOn March 20, 2014 I placed my first order on Vivo Print.  I started out with a custom iPhone case.  While the selection of cases for phone types was limited, I was lucky that the company offered iPhone and Samsung GS3 cases, which are the phones my husband and I have.  The website was extremely easy to navigate and the process of adding photos for the products I was creating was very streamlined.  The thing I liked most is that with many companies if you add your own photos, there is an additional upload or custom artwork fee but this company had no hidden fees.  The price you see on the initial product is the price you pay after you have customized it.  I ordered an iPhone case, a coffee mug and a mouse pad.

Update – March 24, 2014:  The products I ordered arrived today.  WOW, 4 days from the time I placed my order.  Out of the 3 items I ordered, the mug is my favorite.  I love the coordinating color I was able to chose for the inside of the mug as well as the 2 sizes offered, I got the over-sized one.  The picture came out very nice on it, so nice I might order extras for give-a-ways on the blog if I ever do any.  I also ordered an iPhone case with a picture and names of my boys.  I chose the matt finish option.  Due to the matt finish, the picture seems a little blurry when you look at it up close, but from a foot or more away, it looks great.  The case is very light weight.  I haven’t had a case on my iPhone 5 since I bought it over a year ago, so that means a lot to me to have it feel comfortable.  The mouse pad I ordered was one I put a picture my son, Isaac, took on it.  I only had a couple dollars left of my $50 limit to spend so I got the round mouse pad.  It is thin and the picture looks very nice on it.  My only complaint would be that the edges on one side are frayed a bit.  I am assuming that is from the die cut process and they’d probably do their best to replace the product if I felt inclined to report the problem.  I don’t think it’s that big of a deal though.  Here is a picture of the products I ordered.  If you want more pictures, just let me know.  Below that is a coupon you can use for 30% off til the end of May 2014.

review picturevivocoupon










Young Living

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