Sarah and Joe

All About Sarah

I had my first son in 2001.  I had been married to my high school sweetheart for a few isaac and ezra 2years and we were eager to have children.  My pregnancy was a nightmare.  While I LOVED feeling Isaac move in my tummy and was super excited (and terrified) for him to arrive… so many things went wrong.  I had all day sickness that lasted months, I lost a ton of weight and had to stop working.  Right when my appetite came back, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  I hurt all over, my ankles swelled, I couldn’t sleep, and then when he was born (4 days late), I had 48 hours of labor, an emergency c-section and an all night long battle of hemorrhaging.  The decision to adopt any future children was pretty much made at that point.

Fast forward about 5 years and Isaac’s dad and I decided we had grown apart as we became adults and decided to end our marriage to preserve our friendship.  Best decision we ever made.  While it was hard and Isaac needed help processing it, we are very happy now with the choice and we are both happily remarried and we still maintain a very close friendship.  Some think it’s weird, but to us it’s just fact.  Anyhow, I met Joe and we were pretty much instantly smitten with each other and within a few months of dating, Joe proposed.  He knew going into our relationship that pregnancy for me may not be a safe or viable option.  Since he had no children, I felt it was only fair to be upfront about that early on.  It didn’t phase him and we proceeded in our romance.

wedding picJust as we were getting married in 2008, I was diagnosed with several endocrine issues.  PCOS, Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Thyroid and lastly, all surrounding a Pituitary Tumor that produced prolactin.  Even though we already knew that pregnancy would be something we weren’t sure we should pursue… this was a blow, because as our relationship matured, so did my desire to give Joe a child.  While adoption was in our hearts, the cost and time line and all the unknown scared us. So as a second choice, we started “trying”.  Several years in we also found out that Joe was suffering infertility so it made it impossible for us to conceive.  It was time to stop trying and start pursing the reality of adoption.  A calm was with us in that decision.  We knew we would have our child… eventually.

Pursing adoption wasn’t an easy road and luckily one we weren’t on for a long time.  Nine months after selecting an agency and starting our home study, our son Ezra was born.

I work bengals gameas a Marketing Manager at a local family owned business.  I work part time and telecommute most of my days.  It’s an amazing opportunity to have this career and be able to balance my work and home life by the generous schedule they have allowed me to keep.  I am also a free lance photographer.  I LOVE photography.  It has been a hobby since childhood and I love that I can turn that into work as well.

I love learning.  I would be a career student if I could.  I want to learn so many things, but honestly don’t have the discipline to do so without assignments and grades to reward me for my work, so I don’t willingly learn as much as I’d like.

I also love cooking and eating!  This has to come from the Italian in me.  My grandma (Nonna) is an amazing cook.  My great grandma was always worried if we were eating enough.  Food is the ultimate comfort for Italians I think… it reflects in my weight gain the last few years.  haha.

Joe in a Nutshell

Joe and EzraJoe is a crazy dude!  He is what I would consider the perfect dad.  He has the enthusiasm for life like a child and is a kid at heart.  He also is the stricter more sensible parent.  They say kids need routine and structure, Joe keeps us balanced so we have that.

Joe works for an international IT company as a Senior Consult/Network Engineer.  He teaches Computer Networking at the college level as well and finds that very rewarding.  He is everything geek.  He embraces his geek and jokes how I wouldn’t have even given him a chance back in high school.  He’s probably right, though I like to think I would have at least been nice to him.

Joe loves being a step dad and now a dad.  He and the boys are peas in a pod.  He and 4wheelers 2011Isaac enjoy many activities together like 4wheeling, hiking, paintball, football, video games, computer talk, watching movies or science shows.  They get in deep conversations about science and math and I just nod and smile.  Ezra is such a daddy’s boy too.  Of course he has his “mama can only do it” moments, but he is big into daddy time.  Joe lights up with Ezra.  When I asked Joe if being a dad was what he expected, he paused, he stammered, he eventually said “no”.  I asked what he meant by that and why it was so difficult to answer.  He fondled around some more until he finally said, “I never actually wanted to eat someone before.”  Yeah, Ezra is THAT cute, he’s edible.

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